Psychometric Assessment

22 Jan

Psychometric Assessment

The psychometric assessment is recommended for individuals so that the individuals can understand their unknown capabilities, personality, behavior type, etc…

Psychometric assessment are the scientific ways used for measure the individuals cognitive and personality. Psychometric, Brain, Aptitude, skill and personality assessment has become a powerful support for school children's (secondary stage – age 14-16 years, senior secondary stage – age 16-18 years), recruiters, professionals, individual’s and choosing / swapping career  in recent years to know more about individual’s Strength and Area for improvement in cognitive skills, personality characteristics etc..

The benefits for;

(a)    Talent Acquisition team / Recruiters:

During the Recruitment process, psychometric assessment tool using for finalizing the eligible aspirant within the large pool.  Also, assessment tool helps to identify aspirants leadership skill, emotions, ability, behavior, thought processes and “role vs fit” and can help in filtering the right aspirant for the subsequent stages of the interview..

      (b)     Students (School / College) :

Psychometric assessment recommended for students, so that the students can understand themselves about their unknown capabilities, personality, choosing their stream during senior secondary school and to choosing their career path during their final year of graduation.

      (c)     Individual’s:

Psychometric assessment recommended for individuals, so that the individuals can understand themselves about their unknown capabilities, personality, behaviour type etc… choosing their professions or to become an entrepreneur