Students at Medh Academy

Medh has come with the objective to provide online & offline education in the field of IT throughout the Globe. We have designed a big bunch of courses with online certification program. You have following options:

  1. Register as a 'Regular Student' at one of our Medh Academy partners
  2. Register as 'Online Student' and appear for exam online
  3. Buy our course content CDs, study at your leisure (Distance Learning Student) and appear for the exam online

Difference in Between these Students

Regular StudentsOnline StudentDistance Learning Student
Need to attend classes at the InstituteWill study online as per the courseCan study as per her leisure time
Certificate is issued under 'Regular Learning Program'Certificate is issued under 'Regular Learning Program'Certificate is issued under 'Distant Learning Program'
Course fee is relatively higher than other programsCourse fee is less than regular student but higher than distant learning programOnline CD and certification cost
Best suited to students who can spare time to attend classesBest suited to students with good internet speed (min: 1 Mbps broadband)Best suited for students who wants to learn as per their need and time
You have to appear for exams at the institute itselfOnline examOnline exam

Benefits that Equally Apply to All Students

  • Both will be considered as students of Medh and certificates can be verified at Medh website
  • Both are eligible for certification from 'Medh Academy' as well as from 'CPE, Wright State University'
  • Both get same examination (equal difficulty) to pass, that means both possess with equal knowledge
  • Both get placement assistance through our centralised placement portal at
  • Both have access to our student assistance forum at

Additional Restrictions for Online Examination

  • You are responsible for any internet or power failure during exmaination, and Medh does not carry any responsibility to refund your examination fee