1) Can you increase the number of courses in A type?

Ans: At present there are 10 courses in Type A, we can offer them Type B franchisee at the cost of Type A. Type B has 20 courses and this option can be used as a bargaining tool. If you see the customer has interest in our product however wants more courses then Type B can be offered over Type A at the same cost.

2) Is there any job guarantee?

Ans: We offer placement assistance through our portal www.medhjobs.com, we have around 3700+ companies registered on our job portal. Student needs to register on this portal and hunt for jobs. This is a open portal and anyone can register for jobs on this portal, HR details including phone numbers and email ID's are mentioned on the portal. The advantage Medh student has is "he/she is given priority in the employer search".

Whenever any company searches for people of particular skill set on our portal our search algorithm is built in such a way that Medh student's resumes come up in search on priority as compared to the other registered job seekers.

3) Can we take decision on Medh proposal after renewal of MKCL agreement is renewed?

Ans: Inform the customer that they can take their time to take decision on the Medh proposal, however in between if any other center owner approaches us; we will offer franchisee to the other center. If this happens then we may not be in a position to offer franchisee to this particular customer who is seeking time from us till the time MKCL agreement is renewed.

4) Medh Franchisee fee is too high?

Ans: Please explain to the franchisee owner that we do not charge any franchisee fees. The money which we are charging is the processing fee for the joining kit and processing the documents with the WSU as the franchisee gets registered with them as well. When we issue the franchisee association certificate, it is on behalf of WSU and the student certificates which are issued also has the franchisee address on it.

Medh's investment to make any franchisee fees is close to 2.5 Lakhs - 3.0 Lakhs, we do not charge the franchisees for this investment. This is exclusively free from our end.

5) Can we get Master Franchisee in A type?

Ans: Master franchisee has infrastructural and marketing potential which is set by WSU, for any franchisee to become master franchisee these criteria's are to be met.

Infact there is a criteria for Type A & Type B franchisee, however as a gesture of customer goodwill we are not very rigid on infrastructural requirements initially however after 6 months we will be strict with the Type A & Type B franchisee initial criteria as well.

6) Why student pay different fees for Medh and Wright State University's certificate?

Ans: We give choice to the students for certifications, if he/she is happy with Medh certificate which is an Indian company they can go for Medh certificate at a bare minimum evaluation/certification fees. However if they think that they want to work abroad in future or want to work with reputed Indian companies or MNC's they can go ahead with WSU's certificate whose evaluation/certification fees is on a higher side as the certification directly happens from WSU and sent to the institute directly.

7) Why we pay franchisee fees, you may provide us all software CD's?Why we pay for it?

Ans: Show the licensing chart to the customer and explain them how expensive is buying individual CD's becomes. Moreover there is not technical assistance from our team for any student related queries. The franchisee owner does not get any kind of training from our end.

8) What kind of staff training Medh will provide us?

Ans: Medh shall provide the below mentioned training to the franchisee owners.

1. Medh Control Panel & Various Tools
2. Medh Process
3. Business Development Techniques
4. Business Expansion Techniques
5. Personal Development Techniques

9) What kind of study material Medh is providing to the students? Is there any cost for the study material?

Ans: Medh is providing video cd's of the courses and books which the students will have to purchase at the MRP cost. We may give discounts however that will be depending solely at Medh's discretion.

The e-books provided by Medh will be absolutely free of cost which the franchisee's can download from their control panel.

10) Is your company or certificate approved by any of the Indian government agencies?

Ans: As of now we are not however we are in conversation with the Maharashtra Govt. to recognize our courses. Within next six months we shall be getting recognition from the government officials positively.

However all the major private employers in India and outside India recognize WSU certificate.

11) Do we help a franchisee in newspaper advertisement?

Ans: Yes we do, we take 25% of the advertisement cost when the franchisee wants to promote Medh & their respective institute in the given region. 75% of the newspaper advertisement is born by the franchisee itself. However we will be having our schedules of advertisement as a company where in we will branch Medh Academy. In that advertisement if the franchisee wants to include their names in particular region then they will be sharing the cost depending upon how many other people wants to include their names in the advertisement from that particular region/state.

Please inform the franchisee that we will be doing online marketing for free for the franchisee specifically on facebook which is paid by us.

We will be also assisting them with school and college presentations in their area once in a year.

12) Can we get a franchisee from Medh for Free?

Ans: Only in a condition if we think that franchisee is a leading one in his/her area and giving free will be an advantage for us.

Otherwise ask for post datedcheuque (PCD), once the franchisee owner gives us N number of students we return the cheque to the franchisee owner.

13) Can we get share in the certification cost?

Ans: Medh Certificate - We charge for evaluation and certification, the fees kept by us is bare minimum, there cannot be any sharing in the certification fees.

WSU Certificate - The entire fees is directly paid to WSU and the certificate directly comes from WSU to the franchisee with franchisee name mentioned on it. Therefore cannot pay any fees from both the certificates.

14) Will students be getting any assignments to solve while they are watching tutorials?

Ans: We will be providing 5-10 questions to solve after each module which the student can solve immediately after completing the module. No internet is required to take this short test. This will give an idea to the student if he/she has understood the module well.

We will have few extra-curricular activities/soft skill activities done at the institute level which will help them to crack interviews after they finish the course.

Apart from this we will be also giving practice tests to the students in their medhjobs.com login which they can solve from home/institute.

15) Can you share with us the names of the companies for live project?

Ans: Inform franchisee owner that we have our own two software development companies, Scout Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Ayush Software Pvt. Ltd., we will be giving opportunities to the student to work on our own live projects initially. This opportunity will be available only those students who clear our technical tests.

On our job portal there is a facility to the companies to post live project internship requirements, student can directly apply for such opportunities provided they clear the entry level criteria of the company, it may be a aptitude test or a written test.

16) What is the difference between Level I & Level II?

Ans: At present there is no levels in the courses it is single level, the older fliers may create confusion in the student/franchisee mind however you have to explain them that it was according to the older pattern now the levels are merged to a single level.

17) Can we increase or decrease the course duration?

Ans: Yes the course durations can be increased or decreased by the franchisee however the mark sheet student will get will carry the course duration as mentioned in our brochure.

Student always have a choice to finish the course in advance and can take the exam whenever he/she feels is ready for the examination.

The diploma courses are as per the government norms because as per the government criteria the diploma course has to be more than 4 months and above.

18) Can we get a French tutor from your company?

Ans: We do not provide tutors, we only provide tutorial to the franchisee, tutor they have to arrange on their own.

19) MKCL's program is sufficient for the students then why should we take your company's courses?

Ans: You can provide option of international certification and additional courses which will help the student to secure job and also will provide you branding identity in an area where every second person is MSCIT member.

20) To qualify for any government job, MSCIT certificate is compulsory then what is the use of taking Medh programs?

Ans: A student can definitely go for MS-Office by MSCIT, this will make him/her qualify for Maharashtra government job applications. However the student on an average takes up more than 1 course during he/she is studying. The other courses can be taken from Medh which will help the students to secure a job in the market if they fail to clear government exams.

It is an added opportunity with the center to counsel MSCIT student who are learning MS-Office for advance courses with Medh. They will get additional revenue in the same marketing and infrastructural cost.

21) We run only government recognized programs, why should we run your programs?

Ans: It's good that you run only government programs you can start with our basic franchisee type where you investment and risk is lowest, this will give you an option to your students to peruse other courses which may not be available in your government recognized study patterns.

22) How many people know Wright State University?

Ans: The entire world knows about WSU, it is a government university and stands in top 500 Universities in the world. There is none of the Indian Universities who has made to top 500 in the world ranking. We have around 570 universities in India. [Ask this question to the franchisee owners if they know which Indian university stands in first 500 top universities of the world.]

All the major employers in the world and India recognize WSU.

24) Will you increase the sharing percentage?

Ans: We are already sharing 85% of the total revenue with you, this is one of the best in the industry.

25) We will accept your proposal only when we will see this running successfully in the market commercially.

Ans: Sure Sir! We will be definitely sharing our commercial progress with you in a timely manner, however we cannot assure you getting the franchisee that time, in case if some other person takes up Medh franchisee in your area we will not be able to provide you the franchisee.

To avoid this you can start with our basic plan which will have minimum investment and risk from your end and later you can upgrade to Type C or Type depending upon the commercial success of Medh at your franchisee and the market.

26) Can you give us guarantee that students will enrol in Medh Academy program? If you take guarantee then only we enrol.

Ans: Sir we are 100% confident that once students are counselled for our program they will definitely enrol, however if this doesn't happen I can assure you money back against your payment made to us.

27) What are the technical requirements for running your courses?

Ans: We need just a computer where we have to copy our files and activate them. These courses can be directly accessed from a local drive without internet and username and password.

28) Will your setup cause any kind of conflict with MKCL programs?

Ans: No. We do not have setup files, we only copy the files on your machine, same way you copy movie on your computer. We activate them and you can play them N number of times just like a movie.

29) Will your company provide us the original software along with the tutorials?

Ans: No. We only provide tutorials, the live environment/license copies have to be procured by the franchisee.

30) Can we get commission on each student registered in a franchisee which is referred by us to Medh?

Ans: No, you will get referral amount, to become our partner for student royalty there are criteria's to be met as below.