About Medh Academy

Medh has come up with the objective of providing online/offline education in the field of IT through local languages. We have designed a big bunch of online & offline courses. Medh Academy is a well established IT skills training institute and we have been training a diverse range of students around the country successfully.

Medh Academy is a well funded, fast expanding company, currently operating from 4 offices. We are expanding in India with the help of our franchisee partners, providing audio/video courses to students.

Company Highlights

  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company.
  • Managed by highly qualified professional team and experienced faculty members and advisors etc.
  • We make every student employable by providing free soft skill training
  • International presence and certification, giving competitive edge over other institutes
  • Educational content provided in mixed (English & Hindi) languages

Our aim to make every student employable by providing him/her IT as well as soft skill training through our institutes.

Our Office